Environmental consciousness has become more and more pervasive as the years pass. Businesses and homeowners understand the impact their small choices can have on the earth, and a lot of people are changing their habits and the places they live to be more eco-friendly. For those desiring a greener approach to Virginia home improvement, there are a few tips to keep in mind during any remodeling project.


Criner Remodeling Sunroom Addition

1. Design. A lot of electricity is spent on lighting, and while replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact energy-efficient models reduces a home’s carbon footprint, remodeling steps can be taken to minimize the need for all artificial light. Installing larger windows and skylights will increase the amount of natural light that enters a house, necessitating that only a few lights be used during the day. Additionally, by opening floor plans, fewer materials will be needed to frame, insulate, and plaster wall space.


Criner Remodeling Laundry Room2. Materials. Recycling lumber and utilizing factory made and assembled structural materials will lessen the demand for logging old growth forests. A lot of these materials require no or little carpentry work, so structuring a home with them will similarly diminish waste and project delays. Appliances and fixtures should also be considered for environmental impact. Front-load washing machines use 3 times less water a year, and dual flush model toilets similarly conserve water with each flush.


Criner Remodeling ref. EnergyStar.gov

3. Sealing & Insulating. More energy is lost in a home through air leaks than anything else. Another word for these air leaks is “drafts”. The drafts can be noticed around doors and windows but the most noteworthy air leaks are hidden in the attic and basement. The greenest approach to Virginia home improvement is simply insuring a home has sufficient and up to date insulation in its attic and walls. This, compounded with a few other remodeling choices, will make any house a greener building for a better world.


One of Criner Remodeling’s unique services is performing an energy audit on your home to measure its energy efficiency. The results of this test will inform you how you can improve your home’s comfort and save energy & money.