Luxury Bathroom Remodels (Avoid These 6 Mistakes)

You have two options when upgrading your bathroom: simply upgrade the basics and have it suffice, or go for a luxury bathroom remodel, and truly create the relaxing, restful respite we all dream of.

If the latter is what you’re looking for in your own remodel, we can help. Here at Criner Remodeling, we’ve been in the high-end home remodeling business for more than four decades, and we’ve helped hundreds of Virginia homeowners transform their boring, outdated and bland bathrooms into spaces of serious serenity.

Are you considering a luxury bathroom remodel in your home? Here are six mistakes you’ll want to avoid along the way:

#1 Not properly vetting your bathroom contractor

Not all remodeling companies are created equal — especially if you’re looking for a high-end final product. Look for a bathroom contractor that has deep experience in luxury remodels specifically, and make sure they have the portfolio to back it up. They should use only the highest quality materials and know the unique trends and nuances of your exact market (i.e., they should be local!)

#2 Failing to involve a designer

No matter how many HGTV shows you watch or design magazines you pore over, it’s still important to consult a professional designer when doing a luxury bathroom remodel. They’ll have the experience and knowledge to 1) make sure all your selections and ideas flow, are cohesive and carry over well from the existing style of other rooms in your home and 2) that your remodel is on trend and marketable for future buyers. This is key if you want to see an ROI once you sell the home later on.

#3 Using the wrong materials

When it comes to a luxury bathroom remodel, it’s all about quality — in your contractor, in your designer and, most importantly, in your materials. Choosing low-quality materials like laminates, plastics, and metal-plated items are only going to come back to haunt you later on — requiring countless repairs and probably wearing, tearing and showing damage much sooner than you’d like. Make sure your chosen bathroom contractor works with only quality, name-brand materials and selections that give your project value. If you can, go to the selections center to see, feel and interact with the materials yourself before signing on the dotted line.

#4 Thinking too short-term

You definitely want to customize your new bathroom to your personal like and tastes, but you also want to ensure long-term marketability. Think long-term when going about your selections and design choices, and make sure you’re making upgrades and changes that won’t just beautify your space now — but also improve your home’s value and make it more marketable when you’re ready to sell.

#5 Not signing a contract

Contracts exist to protect both you and your bathroom contractor– and a lot can go wrong if there’s not one involved. You’ll want to sign a contract that sets your price, timeline and project specifications in stone, so you can’t be hit with hidden fees or have your project delayed months on end without warning.

#6 Forgetting the R&R factor

With a luxury remodel, you don’t want to just check all the boxes. Sure, a toilet, sink, shower and all those other basics are necessary, but what do you really want? What would make the space a more relaxing, restful place to come home to? What would put you at ease and make you happy? Work with your designer and contractor to add in elements that transform the feel of the room as much as its functionality.

Are you looking for a luxury bathroom remodel? Criner Remodeling can help. With more than 45 years in the business and a wide array of high-end materials, fixtures, and selections, our team is your go-to for luxury home renovations.