The concept of buying local has garnered a lot of attention lately as communities struggle to stay afloat during tough economic times. There are many advantages to buying local, not the least of which is the money that is spent locally, stays in the local community, and is circulated many times over.

Using local home builders to construct or remodel your home is no exception. In fact, it may be the best example of how your money helps your community grow and prosper. You see, a general contractor will likely hire many local sub-contractors for a major construction project. Also, materials and resources will be obtained locally as transportation costs are too high to procure from a far-away discount source.

When you think about any residential construction project, it is likely to involve local architects, designers, cabinetmakers, sign-makers, bankers, title companies, realtors, suppliers, laborers, fuel suppliers, insurance providers, attorneys, and the list goes on and on.

Another advantage of using local home builders for your residential construction project is the convenience and choices available during the process. Having the ability to have a question answered, or to have an initial counsel prior to construction could mean the difference between a successful project and a disaster.

We take pride in our homes. We take pride in our communities. It is this common spirit that you share with your local home builders. When you are satisfied, you tell your friends and family about your successful project, and the builder tells others about it as well. This is how the synergistic relationship works when you choose a local home builder or remodeler. The relationship between you and the contractor results in much more than the value realized by the two of you; in fact, the entire community benefits. Criner Remodeling takes pride in our work and in our communities; see how we can help you today by emailing us at or calling 757-868-6200.