Bathroom renovationUndertaking a home renovation is a major decision. There are a host of questions that must be answered before making this decision. In Williamsburg, VA, bathroom renovation is one of our specialties at Criner Remodeling. Our experts have been involved with countless bathroom renovations and can help meet your needs. Before starting though, it’s helpful to consider the following questions.

Does a bathroom renovation add value to my home?

According to the National Association of Home Builders, you can probably never go wrong with adding or renovating a bathroom. This type of feature can add value to your home in equity. However, if you’re looking to recoup the cost by reselling, you need to do your homework.

Does my home have balance?

Home buyers tend to prefer a home in which the number of bathrooms is roughly equal to the number of bedrooms. Additions that bring bathrooms in line with the bedroom count tend to sell better on the housing market. Another area where additions need to balance out is in the number of tubs versus the number of showers. Most real estate experts agree you should have one of each in your home.

Will my renovation or addition fit with my neighborhood?

Before undertaking the process of renovating or adding a bathroom in your home, it’s important to determine where your house “stands” within your neighborhood. Can your home support an increase in value? If your home is already one of the nicest ones in your neighborhood, will renovating or adding a new bathroom significantly increase the value of your home? It’s also important to determine what your home is valued at and what it’s expected to be valued at in the future.

A good rule of thumb to consider is only adding a bathroom to your home if you are a) planning to resell it in the next 12-24 months or 2) planning on staying in your home beyond five years. Regardless, when you decide on a Williamsburg, VA, bathroom renovation, it’s important to consult with a trusted professional in the industry like Criner Remodeling. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment with one of our trained professionals.