Outfitting your kitchen is an important part of any kitchen remodel, and it can be difficult to decide on something either trendy or classic. The key is to find a balance between old and new that makes for a distinctive look without going overboard. After all, you don’t want to end up remodeling your kitchen every five years as tastes change. Here are some great countertop and cabinet trends that make kitchen additions pop, while ultimately remaining understated and functional.

Natural Wood

While wood countertops came into prominence a few years ago as part of the shabby chic movement, nowadays you’re more likely to see streamlined wood counter tops that fit into a more modern aesthetic. Light-colored wood in geometric designs or minimalist layouts reign supreme, bringing a polished, yet natural feel to your kitchen.

Simple and Elegant

Current kitchen cabinetry is all about ease of access and understated elegance. Many people are choosing to replace their traditional cabinetry with open air shelves – though this style usually works best with larger kitchens, lest your walls appear too cluttered. For a nice in-between look, opt for cabinetry with clean lines and glass fronts.

Kitchen remodel in Hampton VirginiaSay It With Color

Whether you’re talking about cabinets or countertops, one rule is the same: the bolder, the better. Many homeowners are choosing vibrant hues for their kitchens, such as burnt sienna and cobalt blue, for a zesty look that’s sure to wake you up just as much as your morning cup of coffee.

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