The Do-It-Yourself movement has gained immense popularity in recent years. Perhaps an homage to simpler times or just a reflection on the economic struggles of many Americans, personally undertaking projects has become common for housewives and handymen alike. From building furniture and picture frames to installing cabinets and laying new tile, people everywhere are encouraged to do it themselves. Blogs and Internet forums abound with tips and strategies to make your home perfect without the help of any professional. In many situations and for many projects, it’s a fine and fun hobby, but remodeling isn’t just crafting. Custom kitchen remodeling requires more than a knack for design, which is why some projects have to employ certified general contractors.


Since 1999, the DIY Network has aired thousands of shows that encourage viewers to try their hands at any number of projects. It emerged as a sister channel of HGTV, a network that didn’t always have a Do-It-Yourself focus but did instill the mindset that people could adapt their homes on their own. The DIY Network hasn’t gained the prominence of HGTV, but its programs have skyrocketed in viewership in recent years. Kitchen Impossible is one of them, because it supports people who want to do the impossible without help from certified general contractors. It’s a nice idea, but the fact that the host is a professional carpenter and electrician seems to go unnoticed. That’s unfortunate, because it’s professionals like him that almost every custom kitchen remodeling job needs.


Criner Remodeling- Certified General Contractor in Hampton Roads PeninsulaSince pioneers trudged across America to build a life and home with their hands, people in this country have always held the belief that they can do anything themselves. Many brave men and women in the 19th century proved this could be true, but at least as many failed miserably and had to return to New York or a family’s estate after their first prairie winter. History doesn’t focus on that, which is why, perhaps, so many people continue to believe they can handle all custom kitchen remodeling on their own. Looking at a wall of cabinets and the little faces on electrical outlets, it really does seem easy, but in reality it’s a challenge at which few people can succeed. A job done poorly and without certified general contractors won’t just look worse than how it started; it can be downright dangerous.


Criner Remodeling- Kitchen Renovation

Especially from an electrical standpoint, custom kitchen remodeling needs certified general contractors to ensure your home remains safe. Electrical engineering is an intense college course for a reason. Wiring sounds simple, but it’s actually a complicated process that’s only mastered through skill and experience. With an abundance of fire hazards, the kitchen more than anywhere else in the home requires a professional eye. Less dangerous but still important, woodwork and cabinetry are mathematical endeavors that need precision to succeed. Anyone can pick out a grain and color pattern, but actually measuring, cutting, and installing it becomes infinitely more complicated than assembling an IKEA chair. Custom kitchen remodeling is about building your ideal home, and a shoddy job will just make things worse. It’s fine and good to save money by implementing a few DIY projects, but for the jobs that really matter, people are wiser for hiring certified general contractors.