Gone are the days when you were restricted to standard kitchen drawers and simple cabinets. No more cramming dishes, glasses, and pots in when you can have the option to upgrade your cabinets to work specifically for you. Here are some examples of custom cabinetry we have installed for our clients’ kitchen remodel projects. All custom work below are features that can be chosen from the Greenfield Cabinetry line that we work with:

– Cutting Board Drawer
There is no easier way to have your cutting board right there whenever you need it. Just pull the handle and start cutting.

– Double Tier Silverware Drawer
Most people have more than one drawer’s worth of utensils. Why not stack them over each other in a double utensil drawer for maximum storage?

– Tray Dividers
Make your baking sheets or cookbooks easier to grab by installing cabinet separators like these.

Kitchen remodel project Hampton Roads

– Peg Drawer Organizer
No more fumbling for the correct lid when you can see them all lined up in a row.

Other unique Greenfield Cabinetry options:



If you’re short on counter space, this is a great solution to keep those large utensils off the counter, yet still easily accessible.

laptop and phone charging drawer

Most of us don’t love visible charging cords lying around, so this is a great way to keep them from becoming an eyesore.


This cabinet keeps your stemware organized and easily within reach.

Bread Drawer

Rather than using a traditional bread box on the counter, try this drawer to keep your home-made and bakery items fresh.


Keep those plastic storage containers and lids confined so you can find the right size quickly.