Extra space in the bathroom is often credited with saving marriages and roommate relationships alike. In fact, having an extra bathroom is likely to make every member of your family happy, including any potential houseguests. If your morning routine is feeling a little cramped, it’s time to check out our Hampton Roads bathroom additions. We can help you create a beautiful and relaxing private space on any budget.

As with any bathroom addition, the first thing to consider is scale. Many bathroom additions are half-baths, meaning a bathroom with a sink and a toilet, but no shower. Half-baths take up less space and are usually positioned near social areas of the house (like a living room or play room) for guests to use. When adding a bathroom to a bedroom you typically want to include a shower or bathtub.

After you’ve decided whether to add on a half-bath or a full bath, it’s time to get creative. Do you want your new bathroom to mesh fluidly with the design of the rest of the house, or to breathe new life into the space? Because a bathroom is such a relatively small room in the house, many homeowners choose this room to showcase their wilder side. Bright colors, luxurious fixtures, and bold patterns, which might overpower a kitchen or bedroom, can truly come to life in a bathroom.

No matter your vision, Criner Remodeling can make it a reality. Call us today at 757-868-6200 to get the ball rolling. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding Hampton Roads bathroom additions. You can even arrange for a designer to come out to your home for a no-obligation consultation. He or she will assess your property and give you an initial estimate based on your needs and desires. Don’t delay; take the first step towards a gorgeous new bathroom today.