Whether you choose to perform minor updates to your home on your own or you hire a professional contractor to do the job for you, it’s never a good idea to ignore home renovation laws, because although the initial cost might be lower, expensive and dangerous consequences can pop up in the future. Home renovation laws exist to ensure peoples’ safety both during the construction process and after construction is finished, so it’s important that they are adhered to. Even small jobs such as installing new light switches or putting up a ceiling fan might require a permit, and hiring a licensed contractor is the best way to be sure that any work you have done is in compliance with city and state regulations.

Unsafe results are one of the biggest issues that can result from ignoring home renovation laws, and problems can range from small annoyances to serious hazards. Shorted fuses from an improperly installed outlet are irritating, but electrical fires and flooding are enormous, dangerous issues that homeowners should always try to avoid. Failing an inspection is another possible consequence of skirting home renovation laws. Home inspectors may not notice a new dimmer switch, but they will notice a home addition or an overhauled kitchen. Any job that changes the floor plan of your home will prompt an inspector to ask about permits, and they may charge you an expensive fine or force you to remove the updates if you cannot provide evidence that you filed for and obtained the right permits or if your updates are deemed unsafe. Illegally performed work can also make it difficult for you to obtain permits in the future and can affect your ability to sell the house.

Ignoring home renovation laws can incur much greater expenses than you would have had to pay if you went about the process properly in the first place. If you are forced to redo or remove your update, this will cost you time and money, and the fines, fees, and the cost of demolition can also factor into a higher price than you would have paid by hiring a contractor. Contractors know everything about home renovations laws so that you don’t have to, and hiring a good professional is the best way to ensure long-lasting and legal results. The renovation team at Criner Remodeling knows all the details of home renovation laws, so call us today to discuss any updates you have in mind for your home.