As humans begin to understand our delicate planet more and more, the future of buildings and a lot of civilization will rest on green technology. Many homeowners are on the lookout for certified builders who have extensive experience in building clean, green, energy saving structures, but there aren’t a lot in the industry. The basic requirements for NAHB green building certification are rigid and difficult to complete, but we at Criner have made the effort. As depleting energy sources necessitate more green services, we’re proud to have finished all the steps to become a Certified Green Professional.

A NAHB green building certification requires education before anything else, which can be difficult to attain in the midst of running a business. Especially with this new technology, though, innovations constantly arise, so remaining informed and knowledgeable is understandably essential for a Certified Green Professional. Despite projects and business developments, we at Criner found the time and attended courses in green construction, building science, and green building project management. Every three years, to retain their certification CGP contractors must attend additional education courses related to the green construction industry. To continue to provide the most modern green building methods, we plan to keep up with such education.

After these courses, a lot of paperwork followed, including proof of green remodeling experience and a contract to follow the Certified Green Professional Master Code of Ethics. Fees beyond the costs of education were also paid, but we felt like any price was worth this certification. It’s certainly possible to implement green construction methods without a NAHB green building certification, but to remain accountable and informed, we’re glad we made the effort.