How to Incorporate Universal Design into your York County Remodel

Yorktown Beach, Colonial Williamsburg, Riverwalk Landing, the Mariners’ Museum, Yorktown Battlefield, Busch Gardens, Jamestown, the Virginia Living Museum, the Williamsburg Premium Outlets, and the Colonial Parkway. With all the amazing things York County and Hampton Roads have to offer, it’s no wonder homeowners are looking to remain in their homes as long as possible.

Incorporating universal design, which is an approach to create environments and products that are accessible to all individuals despite their age, ability, or other characteristics, can ensure your home suits your long-term needs. Here are a few ways you can integrate universal design into your next home remodel to create an all-inclusive environment.

Universal Design For Your Kitchen

  1. Add pull-out cabinets and slide-out shelves to increase convenience.
  2. Change out your cabinet’s hardware to make them easier to open.
  3. Switch to smart and ADA-compliant appliances for more automation options.

Grab bar shower remodel in virginiaUniversal Design For Your Bathroom

  1. Install grab bars and handrails to add support.
  2. Increase the height of your toilets for added comfort.
  3. Upgrade to a curbless, walk-in shower to eliminate hurdles when entering and exiting.

Universal Design For Your Entire Home

  1. Create no-step, barrier-free entrances for smooth transitions between rooms and into your home.
  2. Widen doorways and hallways for easier movement and additional space.
  3. Increase your interior and exterior lighting, especially in stairwells, to improve visibility in dark spaces.
  4. Lower the placement of electrical outlets and light switches to ensure they are accessible.
  5. Install non-skip flooring to reduce slipping.
  6. Replace standard doorknobs with lever-style door handles to make doors easier to open.
  7. Choose touchless faucets for easier use.
  8. Adjust the heights of countertops and vanities to increase accessibility.
  9. Add alarms and sensors throughout your house for added safety.
  10. Utilize technology to control your appliances and home systems remotely.

If you are ready to plan for your future, contact Criner Remodeling, your certified aging-in-place specialist. Together, we will customize your remodeling plans to create your all-inclusive forever home.