How often should I remodel my home? Read on to learn more about when you should be updating your home. 

When it comes to homeownership, there is one daunting task that becomes inevitable the longer your stay in your home—renovations. Over time, designs go out of style, your needs change, technology is advanced, and things get broken. It is unavoidable. As a homeowner, you may wonder, how often should I remodel my home? Here are some things to consider when determining if it is time for a remodel.

How Often?
While many homeowners might assume they should constantly be remodeling to keep up with the latest trends, according to experts, that is unnecessary. Trends and fads come and go very quickly, so experts recommend a timeline of every 15-20 years if it is in good condition. Overall, when it comes to the main rooms of a home, it is suggested that homeowners update their kitchens within 20 years, bathrooms every 10 years, and living rooms every 15 years. Completing remodels of your home within these timeframes allows you to not only update your style but also capitalize on technology and other advancements that can benefit your spaces.

Top Signs it is Time to Remodel Your Home
While remodeling your home every 15-20 years is a great suggestion, it is merely a guide. There are several other factors you may want to consider, including:

  • Functionality: If any space in your home has become unusable, do not put off a remodel, as this issue will only worsen over time.
  • Damage and Wear: Do you have a leaky roof, broken sink, uneven floors, or other signs of damage in your home? If yes, you should avoid waiting to remodel your home.
  • Your Feelings: If you no longer love a space in your home or even avoid certain rooms, you should consider a remodel sooner rather than later.
  • You are Planning to Move: If you plan to put your home on the market soon, it is worth looking into remodeling your home to attract more buyers.

Is it Time?
Even though the experts say the answer to the question “how often should I remodel my home?” is every 15-20 years, that decision is ultimately up to you. If you want to improve the functionality of your home, refresh its design, or fix any damages, there is no need to wait. Whether you wish to update one room or remodel your entire house, whenever you are ready is the right time.

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