3059 sunroomAdding a family room to your home can improve your quality of life in a number of ways. This space differs slightly from a living room or den in that it is usually equipped with features that encourage family activities. It is typically quite large, in order to accommodate crowded gatherings or boisterous play. Here are a few reasons to consider a family room addition.

By adding a family room to your home, your property values are practically guaranteed to go through the roof. Multifunctional spaces are in high demand for newer homes as household dynamics grow and change. Family room additions can also free up smaller spaces previously used as the living room or den for more specialized purposes, such as an office or play room. This will help make your house more attractive in the future, should you ever choose to sell.

The best benefit is increased time with your family. Such an open, versatile space opens up limitless possibilities for togetherness, from family game night to school project collaboration, informal meals, and entertaining. When discussing family room additions with your contractor, be sure to brainstorm multiple uses for the new space. You’ll gain the most benefit by planning for as many uses as possible.

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