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Americans are known for being do-it-yourselfers.  It’s part of what makes us great; however, it’s important for anyone tackling a project to know their limits.  Whether due to lack of experience or some other cause, mistakes made in DIY remodeling jobs can cause unwary homeowners to run afoul of home renovation laws.  Some of the potential pitfalls include electrical, gas, and plumbing hazards.


Electrical Hazards

Electricity is a wonderful servant that has transformed the world for the better; however, when wiring or other components are incorrectly installed, a number of problems can result.  These include:

·         Lights dimming for no apparent reason.

·         Power outlets that are hot to the touch.

·         Blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers.

·         Fires inside the walls of the home.

·         A “burnt” odor inside the house.

·         Electrical arcs or shocks when plugging or unplugging appliances.

Each year, hundreds of people are electrocuted due to faulty household repairs and other causes.  These problems aren’t always the fault of the installer, because millions of Americans rely on do-it-yourself books to guide them through projects, and these popular publications don’t always give accurate information.  In fact, many were recently recalled due to faulty instructions on how to do home wiring.

The safest bet when it comes to electrical work is to let an experienced, licensed contractor handle it, like the seasoned professionals that Criner employs.  To do otherwise can expose you to both safety and legal hazards, should someone be injured or killed.


Gas HazardsKitchen Gas Connectors- Criner Remodeling

Millions or American homes rely on natural gas to provide heat and cook their meals.  Correctly installed, gas lines are perfectly safe; however, when mistakes are made, the results can be tragic.  The mistakes commonly made by DIYers include:

·         Failure to install and/or use manual shut-off valves ahead of connectors.

·         Stretching connectors beyond their intended length.

·         Joining two or more connectors to make a longer one.

·         Using components that don’t meet building code and/or American National Standards Institute (ANSI) guidelines.

·         Reusing old gas connectors.

·         Using fittings not recommended by appliance manufacturers.

·         Using flexible gas components in situations where the pressure exceeds their recommended tolerances.

·         Using acids or other corrosives in contact with gas pipes or connectors.

Making any of these mistakes can result in poisonous, incredibly flammable gas leaking into the home, causing problems ranging from headaches and nausea to fires and massive explosions.  As with electricity, all gas work should be left to qualified professionals.  The legal and other consequences of going it alone are all-too-often tragic.


Plumbing HazardsLaundry- Utility Room- Criner Remodeling

Indoor plumbing is essential to living a comfortable modern lifestyle.  As with gas and electricity, however, installing and renovating the required components is best left to professionals.  Amateurs often make a number of serious errors due to being unaware of home renovation laws. These errors include:

·         Allowing too little slope in drainage lines.  This mistake can quickly lead to clogs and waste backups.

·         Not venting traps.  When this step is left undone, poisonous methane gas can leak into the home.

·         Installing inadequate or inaccessible clean-outs.  These essential features must be installed at the spots specified by code.

·         Not allowing for adequate air gaps in sink plumbing.  This mistake can cause the contents of septic lines to contaminate the home’s freshwater supplies.

·         Not allowing for pressure and/or temperature relief when installing a water heater.  The results of this error can include an exploding heater that sprays scalding water and metal shrapnel throughout the home.


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