Home remodeling VA doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take up all your spare time. Here are five quick projects that virtually anyone can complete within a few days for a modest financial investment.

  1. Refinish your hardwood floors. Depending on their condition, this may only require a thorough sweep and mop, followed by applying a touchup compound. Other options include applying new stain or for a rustic feel, painting over the existing finish. No matter which option you choose, revitalizing your floors can make your whole home seem bright and new.
  2. Install interior shutters. This is a perfect way to give your rooms a classy vintage touch. Plus, interior shutters do a great job of keeping out both summer’s heat and winter’s chill. They are also easy to install, thanks to modern versions that attach to the sills with lightweight steel mounting brackets.
  3. Install a water filter. No, this won’t change the appearance of your home. But it can certainly enhance your enjoyment of it, while sparing you the expense of buying and storing bottled water.
  4. Replace your cabinet hinges and handles. Often, this is the only thing you need to do to give old cabinetry a fresh new look. You may also consider going over the cabinet exteriors with oil soap or even repainting for a truly updated appearance.
  5. Refinish your deck. Over time, this part of your home can acquire all sorts of ugly blemishes, from grey and rotting wood to slimy, smelly mold spores. Start out by giving it a good scrubbing with an all-purpose deck wash and a long-handled hard bristled broom. If your deck is a few years old, you may also want to apply a protective finishing compound to extend its life.

We hope you get some use from these home remodeling VA ideas. And please keep Criner in mind for all your home addition and improvement needs.