Following a few basic home remodeling tips can help you stay in your home as you get older. So, in this post, we’d like to suggest ways to make your residence safer and more user friendly. Some of these ideas are within the skill levels of just about anyone. Others are best left to a certified aging-in-place service like Criner Remodeling. Let’s take a look:

Having Something to Hold On To

The aging process can affect a homeowner’s ability to maintain their balance. One way to compensate for this problem is to add grab bars in locations like showers, kitchens, bedsides, and along steps. This requires only minimal handyperson skills and a small financial investment, yet it can prevent debilitating injuries that might otherwise have devastating consequences, making this one of the most important home remodeling tips.

Shedding Some Light on the Subject

As people get older, their ability to see objects and recognize colors can change. Remedying this issue can be as simple as switching to higher wattage bulbs, a task most people can handle without a problem. But sometimes, it’s wise to install supplementary lighting products and high-visibility lamp switches. These upgrades require the help of a skilled electrician, but they offer many benefits.

Rising to the Occasion

Stairs are essential in split-level and multistory homes. But climbing steps becomes more difficult as the body ages. Solutions include adding a guard rail, installing a stair lift, or simply living on the ground floor of your home.

Giving Yourself a Helping Hand

Adding ergonomic features to your home can help you maintain your independence. Options range from installing lever-style door knobs to making kitchen appliances accessible for those in wheelchairs.

We hope you get some valuable insight from these home remodeling tips. Call Criner today if you need the assistance of a certified aging-in-place specialist. We can help you enjoy a higher quality of life.