So you’ve fallen in love with an older home: a real ‘fixer-upper.’ It has the flow between rooms reminiscent of a forgone era, and the fixtures are probably a mess. You know there’s work to be done, but that glorious bay window overlooking the porch simply could not be denied. We’ve all been there. A dated home just needs a little attention to become the place you know and wish it to be. Home remodeling and additions allow you to take your home into the current century without sacrificing the initial charm. Criner Remodeling specializes in helping homeowners work with the dated home. It’s better to fix up an existing frame than it is to demolish and re-build from the ground up.

1IMG_4106A better bathroom might prove the best starting place for dated homes in need of home remodeling and additions. Old style bathrooms tend to feature a single sink and possibly cave-like bathing areas. The plumbing is likely inefficient as well. A well-planned and solidly built master bathroom can transform an entire floor.

Speaking of floors, dated homes tend to come with more than one quirk underfoot. ‘Fun’ colored shag carpet has no place in most modern homes. Creaky boards and soft spots are more than simple annoyances. Home remodeling and additions can help you stomp around with confidence and pride.

Home remodeling and additions can also help if your home is just too small to suit your family. A new room can vastly improve the flow of your house while granting extra room for new family members. It might be as simple as putting up a game room for the kids off to the side of the kitchen. It might be a new bedroom for guests to stay in. Either way, one room can make a big difference in comfort and style.

Criner Remodeling has been helping people update their existing homes since 1977. We have the expertise to help you bring your home into the modern era and the respect to work with your vision. Give us a call with any ideas or concerns you may have regarding the look and feel of your beloved old house.