Peninsula Home Bathroom Remodeling by Criner RemodelingWhen planning our home remodeling projects, we tend to think in terms of big picture ideas: new counters, a larger tub, etc. However, there are dozens of changes, big and small, that go into a home bathroom remodeling project. This article will take you through some of those decisions and show you how to think outside the tub when it comes to planning your remodel.

Speaking of big picture changes, you should always begin with a theme. Even if you don’t imagine your new bathroom following a strict motif such as tropical or baroque, you can still put together a cohesive set of ideas to guide your remodel. For example, maybe you want natural wood to be a focal point and so choose colors that complement rich wood tones. Or perhaps modern is more your thing, and you want a monochromatic color scheme accented with cool metals.

Secondly, you don’t have to swap all of your appliances (and pay an arm and a leg) in order to have a dramatic reveal. Changing up the finish on your countertop, painting your cabinetry, and even adding new lighting can all add up to a completely new space. Another single-serve idea sure to make an impact is changing up your tiles. Put a bold backsplash next to your shower or bathtub that contrasts with the rest of the colors in the room. You’ll be surprised how different your bathroom feels after this one little change.

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