Holiday decorating should always prioritize safety.

The holidays are upon us, which means it’s time to deck the halls! Decorating your home is a sure way to get your family in the holiday spirit, but if not done safely, it can be dangerous. Keep your family and your home safe this holiday season with these holiday decorating tips.

  1. Decorate with the family. Holiday decorating should not be a solo activity, especially when using a ladder or working on your roof.
  2. Inspect all of your decorations before you begin decorating. Look for cracks, frayed wires, or other damage that could impact the integrity of the decoration.
  3. When decorating the exterior of your home, only use decorations and extension cords marked for outdoor use. Not all lights and holiday decorations can withstand the elements.
  4. Use clips instead of nails or tacks to keep holiday decorations, especially lights, in place.
  5. If you put up a real tree, be sure to keep it adequately watered. Dry trees are more likely to catch fire.
  6. If you put up an artificial tree, ensure it is fire-resistant.
  7. Keep your tree and holiday decorations away from any fire, including space heaters, candles, and fireplaces.
  8. If you have small children or will have small children visiting, keep breakable and sharp decorations out of reach. Try placing fragile ornaments higher on the tree.
  9. Place candles where they cannot be knocked over. Battery-operated candles are a great, safe alternative.
  10. Dispose of wrapping paper in the trash or recycling. Do not throw it into a fire as it can quickly cause a flash fire.
  11. Do not use lead-based tinsel.
  12. Do not breathe in artificial snow.
  13. Keep potentially poisonous decorations, predominantly plants, out of reach of children and pets. Some toxic holiday plants include holly berries, mistletoe, and poinsettias.
  14. Turn off all lights and blow out all candles before going to bed or leaving your home unattended.
  15. Plan ahead. Test your smoke alarms and change their batteries if needed. Have an emergency plan in place for your family in the event of a fire or other emergency event/accident.

Beyond Holiday Decorating
Home safety is also an important thing to keep in mind during the holiday season. Burglary and other related crimes rates rise significantly during the holidays. Keep your home secure by always locking your doors, installing security systems, and keeping valuables out of sight. Read more about keeping your home safe here

If your holiday decorating has you thinking about a home remodel, contact Criner Remodeling to discuss your remodeling options.