Consistently good work speaks for itself, and awards, accolades, and personal recommendations denote excellence in a company. For Hampton Roads home remodeling, Criner Remodeling is a company of note. We have been providing exemplary work in the peninsula for 37 years, and we look forward to many more years of helping Hampton Roads homeowners achieve the homes of their dreams. If you need an experienced contractor for a Hampton Roads home remodeling project, call Criner Remodeling today. We can help you with all sizes and styles of renovation projects.

Awards and certifications provide proof for clients that a company knows its business, and Criner Remodeling has earned many of each. Our awards are due primarily to our business practices and include customer satisfaction, industry leadership, good management, high-quality workmanship, ethics, and a solid knowledge base concerning legalities. Our awards cover a span of years, proving that we consistently perform good work within our company, and we are able to earn these awards because we have satisfied employees who like their jobs and know how to do them well the first time.

Certifications prove that we possess the knowledge we claim to have regarding Hampton Roads home remodeling. These are earned through classes and programs that advocate continuous learning over time. Our certifications include EPA-registered lead safety, green professionalism, aging-in-place, graduate builders, design, and zoning appeals. We are also Class-A Contractors for Virginia home remodeling, which means that we have been in business for more than 5 years and are familiar with projects of any size.

We care about our customers. Our years in the business has imparted upon us the knowledge that any home renovation has the potential to be stressful and expensive, so we do what we can to ease these fears and help you focus on the end results. We are honest about our projects, give you plenty of time to prepare your home for construction, and put one foreman in charge of each project to provide you with a single person to contact with any concerns. We focus heavily on having good plans ahead of time, and we finish on schedule. Our customer testimonials matter more to us than any award.

High praise and good work make us the best choice for any Hampton Roads home remodeling project you have in mind. Call Criner for a painless experience and expert advice.