One of the hottest trends in Hampton Roads bathroom additions is to blend this essential part of the home with nature-inspired features. When a bathroom is more natural, it’s also more attractive and inviting. So here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Perhaps the simplest way to achieve a more natural look is to decorate your bathroom with colorful houseplants. Ask your landscaper or florist for tips on which plants work best inside a moist indoor environment. You may want to invest in full-spectrum lighting to accommodate your new floral friends.
  • On the other hand, instead of inviting nature into your bathroom, you may want to move some of its functions into the great outdoors, at least on a season-permitting basis. One way to do this is to install a hot tub, a spa, or even a large soaking tub in an exterior part of your home, like a walled patio. Of course, you’ll want to control access to this area for privacy and safety. Nonetheless, there’s nothing like taking a bath or shower in the great outdoors to bring you closer to nature. This is one of the most popular ideas for Hampton Roads bathroom additions.
  • Let the sunshine in by installing larger windows. Having a view of a private outdoor walkway or garden can really make your restroom appear more natural and inviting. As with the suggestion above, you’ll want to take steps to ensure your discretion and safety.
  • A small water feature is another way to give your bathroom a more natural ambience. Even a small tabletop fountain with rocks gliding over smooth stones is a marvelous way to soothe troubled nerves and foster a sense of harmony.

We hope these bathroom addition ideas give you plenty to think about. In the meantime, why not consider using our company for your next home remodeling project? Our many years of experience and training, along with our sterling reputation in the industry, is your assurance that we will do the job right the first time. So call us today if we can help you with your Hampton Roads bathroom additions.