Environmentalism has slowly become a nonpartisan issue. It’s becoming, as green crusaders have advocated for years, a human issue and nothing more. The movement considers the earth and everything in it, and it’s about the resources more than anything else. Water seems bountiful and lumber abundant, but we have a limited supply of every commodity on our planet. Green home remodeling can take any number of forms, but whether you’re striving for efficiency or simpler living, the resources you use matter most.

Many appliances and fixtures on the market today carry the label of “green.” It’s a wide and vague term, because environmentalism is a wide and vague notion. It means everything from reducing toxins and pesticides to swampland conservation and carbon offsets. Every tributary of the large environmentalism river is a worthy cause in itself, but few people can remain attentive to all of them. Green home remodeling may not directly protect Siberian tigers, but if it uses sustainable resources, it can support all environmental focuses.

Building cabinets with sustainably harvested wood, buying locally manufactured fixtures, and installing appliances that limit the use of resources have a grand effect on the planet. By limiting transportation needs and purchasing from ethical manufacturers, these little green home remodeling choices reduce waste, greenhouse gases, and deforestation. They consider and impact every environmental focus, because they prioritize the conservation and protection of our resources. Whatever your focus or environmental conviction, by remodeling with resources in mind your home can better our planet tremendously.