Four ADA-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

There are thousands of bathroom upgrades out there that can make your restroom experience easier, faster, and more relaxing. But if you serve the public or have a loved one with a disability or handicap, you can’t just choose upgrades willy-nilly. You’ll first need to make sure they comply with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) that outlines dozens of codes and regulations to ensure facilities are well-equipped to serve citizens with physical handicaps.

Want to make sure your bathroom upgrades are ADA-compliant? Here are a few of our favorite options:

Sensor-activated sinks and dryers.

This one adds convenience for both handicapped and physically able users. You just wave your hand underneath the faucet or dryer spout, and the machine starts automatically. No buttons or messy paper towels necessary.

Shower seating.

A great way to make your relaxing respite even more relaxing is to add shower seating. This makes it easy to sit down and enjoy the warm water when tired or achy, and it’s ideal for users with disabilities who may not be able to stand during their morning wash.

Double vanities.

Vanities are perfect for couples, offering a handy space to store their stuff, get ready, and spread out every morning and evening. They can even be installed with open areas for seating, making it easy to slide a wheelchair right up to the vanity counter for convenience.

Side-entry tubs.

Traditional tubs can be difficult for older adults or those with physical handicaps to get in and out. Side-entry tubs provide an easy-access door that users can open and slide right into. They seal tightly shut after entry, so there’s no risk of mess or leakage.

If you’re considering bathroom upgrades and want to make sure you’re staying ADA-friendly, get in touch. We can help you transform your restroom experience while still ensuring it serves your loved ones and customers with disabilities to the fullest. Contact us today to get started.