A bathroom rehab is a great time to outfit your restrooms. Here are five features that will pamper you in luxury. Each is available from your Criner Remodeling team of experts.

  1. Double sinks. How much time do you and your partner waste in the morning fighting over who gets to use the faucet or wash basin first? Say goodbye to that hassle forever. With a bathroom rehab, you can get ready for the workday in less time, saving you from that frantic morning commute.
  2. Heated floors. Why suffer from frozen toes when the mercury dips? You can banish winter’s chill from your restrooms forever with this affordable bathroom rehab. You can even adjust the setting to enjoy the ideal temperature for your tastes.
  3. Steam room. Imagine enjoying a sauna in the same space where you shower. It’s possible when you choose Criner Remodeling for your bathroom rehab.
  4. Added storage space. Now you can have plenty of room for those soft, fluffy, oversized towels you love so much. While you’re at it, go on a well-deserved shopping spree and load up on scented soaps, hair care products, and anything else that strikes your fancy.
  5. Enhanced accessibility. Many older homeowners are redoing their residences so they can spend their golden years right where they want to be. Criner can help with step-in tubs, slip-resistant flooring, and other bathroom rehab ideas.

These are just a few of the ways you can enjoy a happier, more carefree life with a remodeled bathroom. The journey starts when you call Criner. Our specialists will meet with you to discuss your needs and dreams. Afterward, we’ll give you a customized quote so you’ll have the facts you need to make an informed decision. Contact us today to get your bathroom rehab started.