So, after months of research and talking and planning, you’ve finally made the decision to remodel your home. At this point, it’s important to find the right contractor or remodeling company who can meet your needs. Many home remodeling companies will schedule initial meetings with you at no cost.

In these meetings, it’s important to have a list of the questions that you need answered, such as the following five:

  1. “How long have you been doing business in our community?” If a company has been doing business in the area for five to ten years, then that company is familiar with building regulations and city and county building codes. They are also more apt to have connections to local, reliable subcontractors.
  2. “What type of project management services do you provide?” Home remodeling companies vary greatly in the types of services they offer. It’s vital to know what your selected company will provide. Will the company manage the project? Will it hire the contractors and subcontractors? Will it review the invoices to ensure work that has not been completed is not paid? Will it complete the paperwork for the necessary permits? Knowing what services are offered will make your life vastly easier.
  3. “Who are your suppliers?” While this question may seem trivial, asking who the company’s suppliers are is also important. This can serve as an overall gauge of the company’s reliability. Who supplies their tile? Their lumber? Their plumbing materials? If you’re willing to take the extra step—which is highly encouraged—you can even contact these companies and ask them about the remodeling company’s reputation.
  4. “Who will be the project’s foreman?” Who will be in charge on-site during your remodeling project? It would be more than appropriate for you to ask to actually meet this person before signing any paperwork. This person will be your day-to-day contact for the entirety of the remodel, and it’s important that you are comfortable with them.
  5. “How will I be charged for this project?” This is the most important question of all to ask. Will the bid be an estimate or a fixed price? Will you be billed monthly? Quarterly? What will happen if the project runs over budget?

These are all important and necessary questions to ask when making your selection from all the different home remodeling companies. We hope you’ll consider Criner Remodeling for your upcoming project. For further information, please contact us.