Eco friendly homes are designed and constructed to minimize their environmental impact. These homes incorporate sustainability in their overall design, the materials used to build them, and the appliances, systems, and technology used within them. Eco friendly homes offer numerous benefits to homeowners, including lower energy needs, a reduced carbon footprint, and even cost savings. While it is becoming more common to see new homes constructed with sustainability in mind, the good news is, you can also remodel your current home to make it more environmentally friendly. Here are some of the top remodeling trends currently being used to create eco friendly homes.

  1. Souring local, eco friendly materials, especially for flooring and cabinets
  2. Finding ways to use reclaimed wood
  3. Furnishing with reclaimed or second-hand furniture and decor
  4. Installing solar roof panels to harness solar energy
  5. Choosing low-VOC paints and using eco friendly wallpaper
  6. Using high-quality insulation
  7. Upgrading appliances to Energy Star-rated products
  8. Increasing natural light as much as possible
  9. Replacing lighting with energy-efficient bulbs
  10. Installing tankless water heaters
  11. Switching to programmable thermostats
  12. Replacing windows and doors
  13. Swapping out old plumbing fixtures with low-flow fixtures
  14. Recaulking and sealing leaks and adding weather stripping
  15. Upgrading HVAC systems
  16. Reconfiguring home layouts to maximize the sun and increase functionality

If you are looking to remodel your current home into an eco friendly home, consider Criner Remodeling. We believe in incorporating sustainable design and construction principles into our projects and are committed to helping our clients create eco friendly homes. As a Certified Green Professional, we have the expertise and experience needed to provide you with cost-effective, sustainable design and construction solutions. Contact our team of professionals today to learn more about how we can help you create an eco friendly home with your next home remodeling project.