If you’ve been online lately, you’ve heard of Pinterest. Just about every news site and blogger has declared that “pinning” is the newest craze in social media. Moms, wedding planners, and interior designers all discovered the concept in 2011 and have pushed it forward as the fast-growing social network since Facebook. Friends and family use it to swap recipes, craft ideas, and cute baby animal photos, but it has had as huge of an impact on the world of décor. Artists scour the site to find inspiration, and ordinary people can use “pins” and “boards” too for collecting small kitchen remodeling ideas. Instead of racking your brain to imagine the perfect kitchen, browsing through the pins of others’ ideal kitchens can make the process easier and more enjoyable.

The concept of Pinterest is simple. It’s an information-sharing site in the form of images. Millions of people have amassed these images, called “pins,” from various websites and stored them on the site for anyone to access. All new users have to do is create an account, assemble a few “boards,” and begin perusing the millions of images on the site. When you see an image you like, you can pin it yourself on the boards you’ve made. Boards can include anything from “Inspirational quotes” to “Tile patterns,” and the site has enough images to accommodate even the most specific categories.

It can seem overwhelming. Once you’ve located a few other users whose taste you share and respect, though, you can follow them to always see the latest images they’ve pinned. This following ability has made Pinterest a fun tool for browsing and studying friends’ tastes and a few of their favorite things, but it’s also allowed users to follow experts in design. The right users on the site can inspire your landscaping plans, furniture positioning, and even small kitchen remodeling ideas.

Homeowners with a small kitchen may feel isolated, like their struggle to manage limited space is rare. Pinterest, though, is teeming with tips and advice to help you overcome any remodeling endeavor, including the specific problem of coping with a small floor plan. Your contractor will be skilled in incorporating small kitchen remodeling ideas from past projects, but it doesn’t hurt to inspire yourself first by using Pinterest. Other users have assembled images of kitchens from all over the Internet. Some are huge and sprawling idyllic rooms, while others very sensibly make the most of small spaces through ingenious planning. These users and their boards allow you to peruse hundreds of well-designed kitchens in a matter of minutes, which will hopefully inspire you to overcome similar challenges.

If you already use Pinterest, create a few boards that you may consult for your small kitchen remodeling ideas. If you don’t, consider signing up for the site as research to prepare for remodeling. Seeing how expert interior designers have structured cabinets, appliances, and counter space can be invaluable when remodeling your own small kitchen. Instead of spending money on a dozen design magazines or plodding through various catalogs, you can streamline the process by breezing through the pins of others.