Small details add flair to any room of your home, whether you wish to make minor changes or completely overhaul your space during a home remodeling project. Little touches personalize a room and can make the décor feel more pulled together and cohesive, and Virginia home remodeling is for any homeowner who wants to beautify their living space. Details help immensely; a pop of color or a well-placed light might be what a room needs to transform it from boring and awkward to stunning and comfortable. Criner Remodeling can provide numerous suggestions regarding small details that bring a room together, including a few popular choices discussed below.

For the Kitchen

There are many ways to add flair to your kitchen during a home remodeling project. A backsplash that fits your personal style can draw attention without being a focal point; customized countertops that match the backsplash can make your kitchen look pulled together; a magnetic knife strip keeps your tools at-hand while looking fantastic; a built-in soap dispenser near the sink eliminates the clutter of soap bottles on the counter; and stylish faucets or an interesting sink can provide a burst of excitement to a functional space.

For the Bathroom

The bathroom is another area that many people enjoy updating during a home remodeling project. Attractive cabinets provide storage space for toiletries while looking great; modern fixtures for the sink and shower help to make your bathroom more comfortable and beautiful; and unique mirrors in place of a standard medicine cabinet provide a focal point in your guest bathroom. Installing tile is a way to make any bathroom better, and it is easy to clean and lasts a long time. Choose a pattern that suits the room and reflects your personal style.

Everywhere Else

Small details can be added to many other areas of your home to liven things up. Add sculpted or shapely molding around doors and windows to turn a boring doorway into an area of interest; small pops of bright paint add a personal touch to disinteresting rooms; and colorful glass doorknobs or stylized metal handles add flair to a hall, entryway, or closet space. There are many details you can add to your home, so use your imagination, and call Criner Remodeling to discuss anything you need help with. We can offer suggestions to add flair to every room of your house during your Virginia home remodeling project.