Though more minimalistic, modern rooms are certainly the current trend, complete kitchen renovations don’t have to follow suit. In fact, the mark of a truly good remodeler is their ability to deliver a space that goes beyond trends and flavors of the week — one that’s functional, beautiful, and custom fit to the homeowner’s tastes and preferences.

Our team looks at complete kitchen renovations in sections, not adhering to any set style or trend but instead addressing:


What tools and appliances does the homeowner need? What layout would be appropriate for the homeowner’s level of entertaining, cooking, or dining? The kitchen needs to be functional, first and foremost.


Storage is key in the kitchen. The homeowner needs enough room to store their food, dishes, serving ware, etc. without leaving the space cluttered or looking messy. We consider cabinetry, built-in storage options, and shelving for this purpose.


Homeowners spend a large chunk of their time in the kitchen, either eating, cooking, or just sitting down with the family. We want to make sure there are plenty of areas to do all three, so we consider islands, counter space, seating, and other elements.


Where can the homeowner store their coffeemaker, silverware, or wine bottles? Where will a trash bin be easy to reach but still hidden from plain view? What appliances can make cooking simpler and less of a hassle for the family? These are all considerations when planning a complete kitchen remodel.


What are the home’s existing aesthetics? Is it modern and eclectic or cozy and traditional? How can the kitchen mirror that style so it flows easily from one room to the next? We want to make sure the kitchen fits the home’s preexisting look, as well as the owner’s unique personality and tastes.


If the homeowner has any issues or problems with their current kitchen, we want to address these as well. Problems often include too little storage, inconvenient layouts, not enough counter space, etc.

Complete Kitchen Renovations Customized for You

We approach our complete kitchen renovations thoughtfully and carefully, tailoring each and every design decision to the homeowner’s preferences, needs, and budget. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your project.