Since 1977, Yorktown, Virginia’s Criner Remodeling has been satisfying customers with their high quality, professional remodeling services. Experience has no match when deciding which home renovation company you should partner with on your next remodel project, whether big or small.

In 1972, five years before the founding of his firm, Robert Criner was still in high school and began working as a helper for a small, certified general contractor. In 1977, at the age of 21, Robert formed Criner Remodeling. Robert has a motto he has recited over the years: “I don’t want to be the biggest, but simply the best.”

Excellence in any profession comes from a constant commitment to continued training, earning designations, and certifications, as well as benefiting from recognition from your professional peers. Criner is no exception. The firm has been the recipient of over 100 local and national awards.

Criner’s vision statement stresses the importance of family values. Their website lists their vision statement with this excerpt summing up the culture:

“Criner Remodeling believes in keeping its team happy in the workplace & at home and motivating them to be the best they can be. The families of its employees always come before Criner Remodeling since family should always come first.”

Working and living this vision has lead to a culture of responsibility, accountability, and happy and fulfilled employees, customers, and suppliers.

A strong vision and culture is important in the leadership of any organization, but a firm cannot survive and prosper if their employees do not embrace and benefit from it as well. At Criner, employees have grown over the years to a talented, dedicated team of professionals that have an average term with this home renovation company of at least 12 years (rare nowadays) and have a combined average of 20 years in the construction and home renovations industry.

In Virginia, call Criner Remodeling at 757.868.6200 or check their website at