Hiring just any self-proclaimed “remodeler” off Google isn’t the way to go in this industry — at least, not if you want your space to look great. While a general handyman or contractor may be able to execute some of the jobs you task them with, they won’t be able to help you with the overall design of your project, nor will the final product be anywhere near flawless.

A certified remodeler, on the other hand — one with either a Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR) or Graduate Master Remodeler (GMR) designation — comes with current, up-to-date knowledge on remodeling best practices. They know the ins and outs of today’s remodeling market, and they’re well-versed in both construction and project management.



Here are a few other benefits of hiring a certified remodeler:

  • Experience – CGRs have at least five years of experience, while GMRs have at least 15. Both have taken numerous courses and continuing education classes in the field.
  • Insurance – Both types of certified remodelers are required to have liability insurance and workers’ comp, which protects their clients and employees from losses.
  • Ethics – CGRs and GMRs sign codes of ethics when receiving their designation. You can rest assured your remodeler will uphold the strongest of morals and values when doing business with you.
  • Knowledge – Certified remodelers are required to complete at least 12 hours of building or remodeling education courses every three years.

Though many certified remodelers will display this designation on their website, you can double-check their status for yourself by searching their name in the National Association of Home Builder’s database. You can also look for remodelers who are designated with the Graduate Master Builder (GMB) certification as well. This indicates they have at least five years of building experience and have completed additional building education.

Both Robert and Paul Criner are designated CGRs and GMRs. Robert is also a GMB. Learn more about our team’s designations and certifications, or contact us to schedule a consultation.