Has your home become a little too crowded? Maybe you’d like to add a home office or studio to the existing space. Or perhaps the arrival of a parent or family member means a guest area is needed. When life calls for building a home addition, it can be tempting to take the project into your own hands by hiring your own contractors or even taking on a portion of the labor yourself. However, you will save yourself time, money, and a whole a lot of grief if you start with a professional. After all, the chances are pretty good that you’ll end up hiring one before the job is through. Here are some reasons why calling in professional help is the best choice for any home addition.

As always, safety is the number one concern when building a home addition or attempting any other home improvement project. Adding a new room or wing to your house requires the use of advanced machinery as well as heavy and sometimes even hazardous materials. You must always work in a properly ventilated area and be sure to follow the proper safety guidelines for each new material and machine you work with. Even with all the proper equipment and knowledge, accidents are far more likely when you don’t have a lot of experience. It may seem like a dream come true when your neighbor’s cousin’s friend claims he knows enough about woodworking to give you a hand, but that dream can quickly turn into a liability nightmare for you as a homeowner. If you do manage to build a new addition by yourself, you must always consider the possible long-term problems that may occur down the road and which of your loved ones will be standing under the roof when they occur. For the peace of mind alone, it makes sense to bring in a professional.

There are also a multitude of building codes and city ordinances to deal with when building a home addition. You could spend a few weeks studying the long texts of city codes, or you could just leave it to the professional who makes his or her living by knowing the law. Failure to comply with building codes while working on a home improvement project can cost you a fortune in fines, not to mention the time and money lost when you have to tear down your non-compliant structure and start again from scratch.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that you do manage to build your own home addition without the help or guiding hand of a remodeling professional, and let’s say that it passes inspection. You absolutely must employ a professional electrician, plumber, and HVAC specialist to outfit your new space with modern necessities. Sure, there are some homeowners out there with just enough experience to handle these types of tasks, but why risk electrocution while working on the wiring or risk disease from a mishandled water system? Many contractors will be wary of working on an addition that has been built by a non-professional since the risk for potentially dangerous mistakes is high. Wouldn’t it be terribly disappointing to build an entire new room, only to leave it in the dark?

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