Renovated kitchen cabinets offer extraordinary bang for your buck when it comes to giving your kitchen a great new look. Not only that, but options for redoing your cabinets range from quick and easy to intense and involved. How you go about it depends on your goals, your taste, and of course, your budget. Here are a few ideas to give you inspiration:

  • All you need is a can of paint and a brush to redo many cabinets, especially those made from solid wood. Painted cabinetry is a great retro technique that will give your kitchen the classic look of a home from the 1940s or ’50s. Keep in mind, however, that many cabinets have gloss coatings that can make painting problematic.
  • You can give existing cabinets a whole new look with peel-and-stick laminate or veneer façades. You’ll need a close eye and some patience to use this technique, but it can create stunning results with a minimal budget.
  • One option that’s a little more involved is to replace the cabinet doors and hardware completely. This stops short of gutting the underlying cabinetry, however, so it’s primarily a cosmetic measure, not one that will necessarily give you more storage space. However, it falls within the skill level of many homeowners.
  • Sometimes you just need completely renovated kitchen cabinets in order to store enough foodstuffs or to make your kitchen’s design more livable. This is the equivalent of major surgery and is best left to remodeling pros. However, the results can make the investment more than worthwhile. Imagine having spacious and space-efficient cabinets that look as good as they operate.

One thing is for sure: getting the most value from renovated kitchen cabinets starts with choosing the right contractor. That’s where Criner comes into the picture. Call us today to find out how we can make your dreams of a beautifully remodeled kitchen a reality.