Sunroom Addition- Criner Remodeling

College football has kicked off, and the fall season is fast approaching. Is fall the best time to remodel? Should you wait until winter because you think the contractor has more time? Should you wait until spring?

Well, it really depends on a few things as for what season is the best for home remodeling and additions.  It depends on the kind of project you anticipate, and it also depends on the part of the country (climate) you live in. While it is true that these things can be accomplished year-round, there are certain projects that are better suited for a particular season than others.

Fall: Since it is the end of summer, many suppliers have end of summer clearance deals that you or your contractor can take advantage of. The air is cool, but not too hot or too cold to affect drying of glues, paints, and surface treatments. Roofs are easier to work on as well.

Addition- Criner Remodeling

Winter: Obviously indoor projects are going to dominate the workload here. If you are considering a major renovation or addition, you may want to reconsider the schedule, as heating open areas that are not fully insulated can get expensive and uncomfortable. Opening windows to eliminate fumes is also not a convenient option in the winter. However, most interior improvements that involve plumbing and electrical are usually well received by remodelers in winter.

Bathroom Vanity- Criner RemodelingSpring: Like fall, spring can be a great season to do most home remodeling and additions. Ventilation is no problem since the breezes are getting warmer. The feeling of new growth and renewal will also coincide with excitement for your new space.

Summer: Summer is also a great time for renovations. The only consideration is the heat that a hot spell can bring. Hot, humid days can affect drying times for joint compounds and paints, so ventilation and air conditioning will have to be available. You can also take advantage of the time by taking your vacation during the project so you can avoid the construction and return to a new room or new look.

*Note: No matter the season, you should consult a licensed remodeling professional before you embark on a major project.