The best time of year to undertake home improvement in Virginia depends on the specific project. The scale of your home improvement plan comes into play, as does the type. You don’t want to start knocking out old walls to build new ones during the colder months, and you don’t want to begin projects that require having heat-producing machinery indoors during the summertime. Proper planning can help you determine the best times of year to undergo home improvement in Virginia.

Fall and spring are the best times to start most projects, because the pleasant weather makes the process easier on both the contractors and on you. Kitchen remodels are a good example of why: during construction, you will need to prepare your meals somewhere else temporarily, and the mild weather of these seasons is excellent for grilling outdoors, away from construction dust. Summer may also be an acceptable option, but take the heat index into account while planning.

1IMG_2635Transition seasons are also best for projects that require your home to be partially vulnerable to outdoor air; constructing a new home addition usually requires you to live with some torn out walls for a period of time. The professionals at Criner can help you choose the best time of year based on what type of addition you desire for your home.

Winter and high summer are good for smaller, indoor projects. These are off-times for construction contractors, so it’s usually less expensive to undertake bathroom remodeling and minor updates that don’t upset your lifestyle too much during these seasons. Plumbing and electrical fixes are also fine candidates for winter home improvement projects, but try to avoid projects that produce too many fumes or those that can be affected by severe weather. Intense heat and cold aren’t only uncomfortable, they can also affect the way glue and paint dries.

The experts at Criner Remodeling are happy to offer advice regarding what time of year is best to tackle your home improvement in Virginia. We have vast experience in helping Virginia homeowners transform their houses inside and out. Give us a call with any questions or ideas you may have regarding your project.