Millions of Americans are looking for work. In a recent national address, President Obama cited the creation of jobs as one of his top priorities, because unemployment rates haven’t changed much since the worst of the recession. Men and woman everywhere are scrambling for any work they might be qualified to do—and occasionally for any work they’re not qualified to do. Sadly, high unemployment often means non-professionals will flood a certain market, so be wary hiring carpenters for your Virginia home improvement.

Anyone can swing a hammer and cut a board, but that doesn’t mean everyone is qualified to tackle a major home project. With mortgages to pay and job prospects dire, though, a lot of people are marketing themselves as “carpenters” just to find any work at all. They’ll promise excellent work with a Virginia home improvement project, but most will use homes as a testing ground to learn basic techniques any real carpenter knows by heart.

Criner Remodeling is the nation's 1st Certified Graduate RemodelerIt’s a sad reality to encounter, but these non-professionals can really damage a Virginia home improvement endeavor, sapping the homeowner’s budget and producing inadequate work. Background checks, verified experience, and a portfolio should be provided before any carpenter gets hired, but they’re especially necessary in this economy. Real carpenters exist, and any good contractor will have many on hand who produce truly excellent work. Until more jobs open up, more and more people will claim they can complete any sort of carpentry project, but to protect finances and the beauty of a house, homeowners should only trust a true professional.

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