Save Money & Headaches Remodeling With These Tips

There’s no question that remodels can throw a home into upheaval.

Rendering rooms unusable, cutting off paths from here to there, and causing noise and endless mess, undergoing a renovation can certainly involve some downsides. That’s why at Criner Remodeling, we recommend doing all your potential remodels at once. Want to upgrade your bathroom and get a kitchen addition? Want to overall redo your bath and kitchen in the coming years? Or do you simply want new counters and cabinets?

Get it all done at the same time!

  • Keep the hassle to a minimum. If you think one remodel is a hassle, what will two bring? By combining your two remodels, you can get the headache over in one fell swoop. Rather than dealing with contractors and messes for two different seasons next year, you can get it all out of the way at once — and get back to your life faster and more efficiently.
  • It ensures consistency. One of the best things about doubling up on remodeling projects is that any shared materials or installations will be 100-percent consistent. You’ll have marble from the same batch on your counters, grout installed by the same contractor with the same steady hand, and tiling done by the same expert in the exact same pattern and manner.

Are you considering future bath and kitchen remodels? Let Criner Remodeling combine the two and give you double the satisfaction with half the hassle and headache. Contact us today for a consultation to discuss your project with one of our experienced designers.