A basement can be more than a storage space or utility closet; this frequently ignored area of your home can provide extra space without the cost of a full home addition. Home remodeling plans for basements hold endless possibilities, and Criner Remodeling can help you draw up home remodeling plans that make the most of your sublevel space.

Many growing families could use an extra bedroom. A finished basement allows you to maximize the living portion of your house without the cost of a brand new addition, and the more secluded features of a basement bedroom are especially desirable for teenagers who wish for their own place away from the bustle of a big family. Placing a guest bedroom in the basement is another option, and feels similar to having a separate wing of the home for visitors to sleep in comfortable privacy. This quality also makes it ideal for families who host elders in their homes. If the bedroom is intended for the older generation, look into aging-in-place touches for safety. Criner can offer suggestions to ensure that your older guests have everything they need to be safe and comfortable.

Home remodeling plans for the basement can be both functional and fun, and a bedroom can take up one corner of the basement while leaving a multitude of options for the rest of it. Use the seclusion and quietness for a home office, assemble a home bar for entertaining guests, make more room for conversation upstairs by moving the TV downstairs, point a projector at a blank wall to create a home studio, or give hobbyist more space for their projects.

Have fun renovating your basement, but remember to maintain its utilitarian purposes. The furnace, water heater, and sump pump are often housed in basements, so they must be factored into your home remodeling plans. This can be as simple as creating a utility closet which houses the less attractive components while creating more space for living in beauty and comfort. Call Criner Remodeling today to discuss any ideas you may have to make your basement a better place.