Remodeling your home can be an exciting thing to experience, but sadly, for some, it can be a real nightmare. Most of the time though, (like going to bed after eating spicy food), the nightmares can be avoided through a bit of simple planning and homework.


We all know that in any industry there are good and bad people running them. We have all been to restaurants that we would never return to, and we rave about those that treat us well and prepare delicious food. Well, the contracting and home remodeling business is no exception. There are good and bad contractors out there. In fact, the home improvement industry ranks right at the top in complaints according to the Consumer Federation of America, The National Association of Consumer Agency Administrators, and North American Consumer Protection Investigators.

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However, the responsibility really falls on the homeowner in most cases. If the homeowner would simply take the time to do the necessary research and homework to check out the prospective contractor, headaches and nightmares would be minimized and potentially avoided altogether.


Just by checking that a contractor is licensed is not enough. The license alone does not ensure that the contractor is ethical and fair in his dealings. Some folks get swindled or charmed because they feel they “trust” the contractor they met with. You need to ask people that have used them before to get first hand testimonials – and not just one that the contractor gives you; it may be his brother-in-law saying good things in return for a 6-pack.


Another potential nightmare when remodeling your home is assuming things that are not in writing. All contracts should be specific in nature, detailing all work to be done. Verbal understandings only work with your minor children – not in professional contracting.


Lastly, make sure your plans versus the contractor’s suggested timeline are realistic. Projects inherently get delayed because of inspections, unforeseen construction issues, and the “stuff happens” phenomenon. Plan for contingencies and “what-ifs”. Be frank and clear in your expectations and ask your contractor to do the same. It does no good for your hopes and dreams if their reality does not mesh with yours.


At Criner Remodeling, we can help you avoid any potential nightmares. We work with our clients to ensure we exceed their expectations with the final product. View here our list of 25 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor. Give us a call today!