Depending on the economic and social climate, custom home remodeling trends vary just about every year. Design aficionados enjoy following them since they’re reflective of national habits, but homeowners are wise to observe trends too. Every person has specific needs, but seeing the tastes and decisions of others can inspire personal custom home remodeling endeavors. The following are a few of the most recent trends from the past year.

Room Addition1. Warmer tones. The modernity of white and bare colors has gradually abated. More and more homeowners instead want warmer, earthier tones for their rooms. The transition isn’t quite a complete return to rustic: just more rugged than the minimalism of recent years.




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2. The great outdoors. Even as developments continue to appear that offer just a few yards of yard, many people want to actually enjoy their lawns and porches. 2011 saw a spike in decks, pools, and porch renovations, proving that custom home remodeling isn’t only limited to the space inside the walls.



3. A greener focus. As the public learns about the ecological and economic impact of wasteful practices, homeowners have followed the trend by becoming more green. Materials are no longer chosen for aesthetics alone; their source and carbon footprint matter. Energy-saving appliances, too, have become preferred, not just to better the earth but to save money on utility bills.

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4. Relaxation. While few people actually build a meditation room, many homeowners have begun to remodel their living spaces to establish a more peaceful atmosphere. As economic stresses continue to pressurize our nation, people are taking solace in their homes, with more comfortable living rooms and more soothing bathtubs. Creating a relaxing house has become one of the biggest priorities for a remodeling project.