Home renovations and improvements are exciting and can be quite an enjoyable undertaking. There are seven things to know when doing home additions and remodels. All of these items tie into each other, so it is best to have a full understanding of each before jumping into your Virginia home improvement project.

  1. Cost is, most of the time, the main deciding factor on a project. If the money or financing is not there, the project cannot happen. Establishing a realistic price and budget for the entire project is a must. This should include all permits, all materials, and have a cushion worked into the final number to account for unexpected additions and changes.
  1. The duration of the project should be considered. Weather may be a factor and the construction needs to occur during a time that works best for the family. Allot some additional time towards the end in case things take longer than expected.
  1. Every municipality and township has different guidelines when it comes to zoning and permits required for the job. Before any lumber is delivered, everything needs to be approved and the appropriate permits prominently displayed in a front window. Permit processes can take quite a bit of time for approval; start early!
  1. Along with the permits, the plans for the remodel will most likely need to be reviewed and inspected by a licensed, certified remodeler. They will go over the plans and do several site visits to ensure that everything is going according to plan and the work will be sturdy and safe.
  1. It is a good idea to investigate what real estate values are in the area and how the new construction will affect this. Even if there are no plans to sell the property any time in the near future, you should know the market value of the house.
  1. In addition to the property value, there may be a need to have the addition appraised by your insurance company to allow for proper, updated coverage.

Finally, keep in mind that for quality work, you need to go with a certified remodeler. The remodeler you choose should be NAHB-certified and come highly recommended. Ask for references, and call some of them to get a better picture of a remodeler’s level of service and work.