IMG_3407Sometimes, the hardest part of creating bathroom remodeling plans is knowing where to begin. One way to tackle that problem is to look at a list of popular renovations that others have chosen for their own homes. With that in mind, let’s consider some ideas to get your imagination fired up.

  1. Install a designer bathtub – Many older tubs are faded, cracked, or simply ugly. There are plenty of options to consider, including claw foot tubs, Jacuzzis, whirlpools, and good, old-fashioned soaking tubs. Look through some home improvement magazines or pictures on the Internet to get some idea of what you would like.
  2. Renew the flooring – Nothing says “old” like peeling linoleum or missing floor tiles. Here again, there are tons of options, so take some time to look around and decide on the best look for your home.
  3. Get new faucets – This alone can go a long way to making a tired old bathroom look sparkling new. Popular options include faucets with handle knobs, stainless steel fixtures, or, for a truly stunning look, you can go with solid brass.
  4. Replace the sink – The trend in this area is towards smaller, pedestal-style sinks, often with ceramic bowls raised well above the sink’s rim. You can go this way, or pick another direction. Just be sure the look suits your personality and taste.
  5. Install a new countertop – Over time, bathroom counters can accumulate moisture in unseen areas, causing them to literally come apart. Granite and marble countertops look incredible, but you can also choose various types of engineered stone for a beautiful look that’s far more affordable.
  6. Replace the medicine cabinet – These cabinets hold far more than just medicines in most cases. They hold shaving mugs, makeup, bars of soap, bottles of shampoo, and other personal care and grooming items, so adding a larger one can both improve your bathroom’s looks and make life a little more convenient for you; who couldn’t use that?

Another way to get a grip on your bathroom remodeling plans is to get in touch with us here at Criner Remodeling. We can tell you more about your options, advise you on brands and models, and give you a friendly, no-obligation estimate of how much your remodeling project will cost. Give us a call today.