Small kitchen remodel ideas can lead to big results when carried out properly. Here are five suggestions to get your imagination going. Some are relatively simple, others a bit more involved. But all of them can take your cozy little kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary. Ready?

  1. Open up a closed space. For example, an L-shaped kitchen with a peninsula can feel crowded and uncomfortable. A classic single or double wall design, on the other hand, can give you plenty of workspace while making your kitchen feel airy and modern.
  2. Maximize your existing storage. For example, you may have limited cabinet space. But you can make every inch of it work by incorporating clever ideas like adding storage racks to cabinet door interiors or simply adding cabinet extensions that go to the ceiling. Not only will maximizing your vertical spaces make your kitchen more practical, it can also make it appear larger. Another idea is to use mixed storage types, like classic cabinets with open bins and slide-outs.
  3. Make dark spaces brighter with focused task-lighting fixtures. You’ll need an electrician to install these units, but they can make a gloomy space lively and inviting. You can find them at most home improvement stores or online. Don’t tackle the wiring yourself unless you’re sure of your skills.
  4. A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper has a powerful psychological effect. Bright colors stimulate your eyes’ optic nerves, giving the appearance of more size in the same space.
  5. Don’t forget your flooring. Refinishing or replacing worn linoleum or tiles is one of the most overlooked small kitchen remodel ideas. This simple step can have transformative effects.

We hope these small kitchen remodel ideas give you some food for thought. Give Criner a call today if we can help you with your home improvement goals.