Kitchen Remodel in Yorktown VAWhen it comes to remodeling your home, it is often about finding the balance between what feels fresh right now and what will last forever. Luckily, the most recent trends in Virginia home remodeling harken back to a clean and classic style, making it easier than ever for homeowners to embrace the new while still celebrating the old. Whether you choose to go for a modern vibe with clean lines and fresh colors, or a more traditional style with thoughtful details and artisan finishes, your home will look and feel ahead of the trends. Read on to learn more about the recent styles that are taking over Virginia home remodeling this season.

  1. High Tech Chic – As technology progresses, many homeowners are looking to upgrade their living spaces with the latest at-home gadgetry. From learning thermostats and automatic mood lighting to computerized appliances, there’s a new way to bring almost any room into the twenty-first century. The best part is that most of these technological marvels are relatively unobtrusive, blending seamlessly into any design schematic.
  2. Bold and Modern – Many people imagine muted pastels and soft wood tones when they think of a modern look, but that is beginning to change. The new aesthetic is about marrying clean lines and negative space with bold colors and unexpected combinations. Imagine an orange accent wall in an otherwise all-white kitchen, or an uninterrupted expanse of cabinetry in a deep blue hue. This look can be accented by a lack of knobs and pulls in most kitchens and bathrooms, opting instead for push doors and hands-free faucets and fixtures.
  3. Five Star at Home – When it comes to the kitchen, the recent home remodeling trends are all about bringing the commercial experience to the home chef. Industrial fittings, such as vent hoods and butcher blocks, have become regular requests from homeowners who want to feel like a Top Chef while prepping meals for their family and friends. Fixtures for amateur mixologists, such as wet bars, are also coming back into vogue. In addition to looking on trend, many of these holdovers from commercial spaces can actually help a home kitchen run more efficiently.
  4. Indoor to Outdoor – In dining areas, entertainment spaces, and even bathrooms, more home remodelers are looking for new and innovative ways to bring the outdoors inside. Some opt for floor to ceiling windows that double as sliding doors, which double the space of a room when opened. Others bring typically indoor fixtures like sinks, range tops, and dishwashers outdoors in order to encourage dining al fresco. The possibilities are limitless, and the ability to enjoy nature at any moment is incredibly freeing.
  5. Monochromatic – This final trend has to do with color—specifically, the use of one color to make a bold impact. Choosing an all-white (or all-blue or all-orange) color palette may sound restricting, but when executed properly with a range of hues, textures, and patterns, the results are striking and unforgettable. The monochromatic look works best in smaller spaces, such as bathrooms or guest bedrooms.

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