Throughout York County and Hampton Roads, school’s out and summer has officially begun. You’ve planned a summer full of fun, but why not kick it off with a kitchen remodel?

While anytime you are ready is the ideal time, at Criner Remodeling we think summer is a great time for your kitchen remodeling project and here’s why:

  1. You can go on vacation. With school out of session, schedules are a little more flexible. Plan your kitchen remodel around your vacation so your family can avoid some of the disruptions.
  2. You can spend more time outdoors. With limited use of your kitchen during the remodel, you’ll need to find alternative spaces for meals. Summer weather is perfect for firing up the grill and enjoying backyard picnics.
  3. Ventilation is better. During the summer you are more easily able to have your windows open, and for longer periods during the day. Opening your widows increases the ventilation of odors and dust caused during construction.
  4. Lighting is better. The summer sun brings ample natural light into your house, which can be helpful as you select your kitchen’s finishes. Natural lighting allows your paint, cabinet, and countertop choices to be seen in their truest form.
  5. Your kitchen can be ready before the holidays. By starting your kitchen makeover in the summer, you can ensure you are ready to entertain guests before the holiday season approaches. Less time stressing about your remodel means more time making memories with your family.

Wondering if summer might be the right time to start upgrading your kitchen? Then contact the Criner Remodeling team today for more information. Whether you decide summer is the best time for your remodel or if waiting better suits your schedule, our team of professionals is always ready to help.