Small bathroom remodels present unique challenges. While you may want to equip these rooms with every possible amenity, you don’t want to have people knocking their knees on the bathtub every time they visit the lavatory. Follow these four tips for bathroom remodeling plans that make the tiniest water closet feel spacious.

  1. To maximize space, consider installing a walk-in shower instead of a large tub. A standing shower takes up much less room than a full bathtub, and the wide variety of attractive tiles, ceramics, stone, and glass available can help the small space feel more like a personal waterfall than a utilitarian stall fit only for bathing.
  2. Wall-mounted or pedestal-style sinks take up much less room than a full vanity, and these necessary fixtures can be placed in a corner to create more floor space in cramped quarters. They make up for their lack of counter space by providing overall comfort and better aesthetics. A wide mirror hung above a floating sink can create the illusion of a vanity without taking up a great deal of space.
  3. To make room for necessary storage space for bathroom essentials, opt for recessed cabinets instead of cupboards that stick out. Try a recessed linen cabinet too. Shelving is another viable option for convenient placement of hand towels and toiletries, but avoid a dorm room feel by storing less attractive items elsewhere.
  4. Proper ventilation is a must for bathroom remodeling plans in limited spaces. Without it, the room can become musty and unsanitary very quickly. Most modern bathroom ventilation systems are installed on the ceiling and take up no floor or wall space, so be sure to choose one of these.

The seasoned professionals at Criner Remodeling have years of experience in creating comfortable small bathrooms that fit into your home’s unique layout. We are happy to discuss any bathroom remodeling plans you have in mind for your smaller spaces.