Newport News home bathroom additions inspirationOne of the most common improvements to a home is a room addition. In Newport News, home bathroom additions are one of the more popular remodeling requests that companies and contractors are asked about.

If you’re thinking about adding a bathroom to your home, here are four ideas that you might consider:

  1. Adding a whirlpool bathtub to your home as part of the addition can transform this from a simple project into something grand. A whirlpool tub can transform a regular bathroom into a spa-like experience for you and your family. This will also significantly add to the value of your home.
  2. Incorporate soothing colors into your new bathroom design. Adding a traditional calming color, such as a beige or light blue, can give your new addition a similar spa-like atmosphere. Cooler colors such as lighter greens or whites are also soothing.
  3. One of the most forgotten areas of a bathroom is also where people spend a lot of their time. Your bathroom’s countertop is like an old friend who is always there for you, so why not make it the star of your new addition? There are a wide range of decorative and stylish countertops to choose from. Ceramic, wood, granite, and composite rock would all be eye-catching choices for your new countertop.
  4. Why not upgrade your sink as well? Making a statement with your choice of sink is a bold way to highlight your addition. A pedestal-style sink is ideal for smaller additions, while vessel sinks are dramatic and can give your new bathroom a sleek, modern feel. Choose a style that suits not only you and your family’s needs, but one that fits your personality as well.

Adding a bathroom is one of the most exciting prospects a homeowner can undertake. Taking something that is yours and making it better can be rewarding not only financially as an investment, but aesthetically as well. In Newport News, home bathroom additions are a specialty of Criner Remodeling. Be sure to consult with us before you start your project.