Many homeowners decide on the bathroom as their first renovation project. It’s a smaller investment compared to the rest of the house, but still crucial for daily functioning. If you’re still in the idea stage, here are four crucial components you need to include in your bathroom remodeling plans.

  1. A. Tatum PhotographyColor Scheme

A color scheme can inform all future decisions you make in your bathroom. Because bathrooms are small, contained spaces within your home, you are free to choose a color scheme that is soft or bold, stark or muted. Many people choose fun accents and patterns for their bathrooms that would make other rooms, such as a bedroom, feel busy and frantic.

  1. Hardware

The hardware in your bathroom, like the faucet, knobs, handles, and pulls, should all work around a theme and appear cohesive. This is especially important in smaller spaces. Your hardware must be sturdy and functional, as well as beautiful. Unobtrusive metal pulls and knobs with slim profiles are usually quite modern and stylish.

  1. Lighting

A. Tatum PhotographyThe lighting in your bathroom is especially crucial, given that most people use this space to get ready in the morning. Work with your contractor to make sure you have a variety of light sources, from ambient to natural to spot lighting.

  1. Flow

The flow of your remodeled bathroom refers to how a person would naturally move through the space. Is there sufficient floor space to go about your morning routine? If one person is using the sink, is there enough room for another person to use the counter? These are all important questions you must ask before making any final decisions.

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