bathroom renovation virginia

The possibilities are endless when it comes to bathroom remodels. You can focus on the bath/shower area, the sinks, the cabinets, or the flooring, or you can opt for top-to-bottom remodels that cover it all. Not sure what you should spend your renovation budget on? Here are just a few bathroom remodel ideas to get your gears turning:

A dual shower

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to wait for your significant other to stop hogging the shower every morning? With a dual shower, the wait is over. You can both enjoy a long, relaxing shower anytime you like. You can even install seating to relax while your conditioner sets.

A built-in vanity

No more sitting on the counter to do your makeup, and forget standing while brushing your hair! A built-in vanity can give you an easy, convenient, and tucked-away area to get ready. You can even add in additional storage to help keep the area clean and clutter-free.

Shower storage

You can only fit so much along the edges of the tub, and those hanging, over-the-shower racks don’t go with any design or style. Fortunately, those are no longer your only choices. Built-in shower alcoves can offer you convenient storage areas for your soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and more, all while blending in seamlessly with the existing tile and aesthetic.

A freestanding tub

Who said bathtubs need to take up all your bathroom space? A freestanding tub can give you just as much soaking room, without eating into all your limited real estate. It also gives the space a sleeker, more modern look and frees up more space for storage, getting ready, or just moving around.

For bathroom remodel ideas tailored to your exact space and budget, contact Criner Remodeling. One of our design consultants can create a custom-fit remodeling plan just for you.