In any kitchen, space is precious. Everyone who watches the Food Network knows how much chefs value counter space and stove tops, but regular homeowners have to navigate even smaller areas each time they cook a meal. Good remodeling plans will make a room feel more open, but there’s only so much a contractor can do. If you’re a foodie who loves to cook but doesn’t have the space, these innovative small kitchen remodeling ideas can make the most of a tiny room.

  1. Microwave drawers. In an effort to get them off the counter, microwave designers began producing machines that could hang from a cabinet or simply fit inside one. Microwave engineers have now gone a step further, creating appliances that fit beneath the countertop and pull out like drawers. By saving valuable counter and cabinet space, these new machines are great to consider when mulling over small kitchen remodeling ideas.
  2. Pull out counter space. Using the same rationale as a microwave drawer, it’s become commonplace for contractors to install pull out boards that can serve as mixer stands, cutting boards, or just extra counter space for big meals.

Induction stove tops. Thanks to the creative minds at GE, cooks no longer have to choose between gas and electric. Induction heating offers a third option that’s energy and space efficient. Instead of a thermal heating device, these stove tops use electromagnetic fields to incite iron molecules in pots and pans. The heat comes from the pan itself, not the traditional burner, so rags, wooden spatulas, and even hands can rest beside the coils without getting burned. Induction stove tops save electricity, work quickly, and give you more space if necessary, making them one of the biggest innovations for small kitchen remodeling ideas in years.